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Screen Replacement Kit (Black) with Home Button and Tools for Apple iPhone 5C

Availability: 1 week delivery



Replace your cracked/broken screen of you Apple iPhone 5C with this handy kit containing everything you need.

The replacement screen includes the LCD, front digitiser glass screen, together with the frame, front camera and home button, in a single unit, to make performing the replacement easier.

Unlike many other repair kits out there, this just requires taking the old broken screen off and installing the new one - no messing with removing the home button, camera and swapping them over. Please see the replacement instructions at


  • 8-piece set of opening tools
  • Replacement touch-screen digitiser, LCD, camera, earpiece speaker, home button and frame in black
  • FREE Tempered Glass screen protector worth £12.99

Important information

This replacement screen will only with in an Apple iPhone 5C . Please make sure you identify your iPhone correctly before purchase

Please note that the replacement of the screen involves small screws (which need to go back in the same order or damage could occur), delicate cables/connectors and requires a steady hand and patience to replace. Please view the video below to make sure you are comfortable completing the repair before you place your order (you only need to watch the first 3 minutes for this kit). Performing this repair may invalidate your warranty.

Also, please note that you are performing any repair at your own risk and we are unable to accept liability for any damage or loss that may result. If you have any questions about performing the repair using our kit, please contact us at